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Windshield Replacement
Many people shop for a new windshield as if it's an in-dash stereo.  Your windshield does more than keep bugs out of your teeth, it provides protection just as many other vehicle safety features do such as airbags, bumpers, and crumple zones.  It’s not just a standard part and should not be treated as such.  
Windshields provide structural integrity to your cabin as it makes up to 45 to 70% of your cabin strength. In a rollover, your windshield helps keep the roof from crumpling and crushing you or your passengers.  A poorly installed windshield could allow the roof to buckle during a rollover, killing or injuring you and your passengers.  During a front-end collision, a structurally sound windshield will stay in place, protect you from debris and help keep you in the cabin.  An improperly installed windshield reduces your structural integrity or could pop out, leaving you or your loved ones unprotected.  Assume the safety of your vehicle is at stake when you're shopping for a new windshield and make sure you use a reputable auto glass shop.

We are your local auto glass shop.  We do it all from windshield repair to windshield replacement.  We also repair door glass, back glass, side glass, and interior and exterior mirrors in your vehicle.  
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